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From Home to Homeland
What Adoptive Families Need to Know before Making a Return Trip to China
Edited by Debra Jacobs, Iris Chin Ponte, and Leslie Kim Wang
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Introduction by Amy Klatzkin

I. Getting Ready: Preparing Children and Families for the Trip
Facing Fears and Empowering Children - Before the Trip
A Homeland Tour Preparation Primer: Practical Preparation Tips, Ideas and Projects
Preparing Children for a Return Trip
Before You Pack: Developmental Considerations in Planning a Heritage Trip
The Art of Chinese Gift Giving
Travel Medicine: Preparing for Homeland Trips
Back to Where it All Began: A Consultation and Therapeutic Model for Family and Country Connections Post-Adoption
II. Choosing Group or Independent Travel
The Group Travel Experience
On Our Own: Adventures in Independent Travel
The Independent Travel Option: Unexpected Joys and Complexities of a Personalized Adoption Journey
III. Making Connections in China
Roots and Routes: A Narrative in Belonging
Six Degrees of Separation: Nurturing Networks and Creating Connections in China
Experiencing Life in Rural China
Heritage Trips for Two Generations
IV. The Heart of the Matter: Visiting the Orphanage, Finding Site and Foster Family
Walking My Baby Back Home: Traveling Back to China with My Daughters
A Rock and a Hard Place
History, Pride, Self-Confidence: What My Daughter Learned in China
Through the Crucible: A Difficult Orphanage Visit Somehow Eases the Pain of Loss
Walking Down the Village Path
Out and About in China - Or Not: Making the Decision About How to Present Our Family at the Orphanage
There's No Place Like Home
My Second Trip of a Lifetime
V. Traveling with Children Who Face Emotional Challenges
Good Intentions, Difficult Consequences
Traveling With a Traumatized Child
VI. Primary Sources: Adoptees' Own Experience of Returning to China
Three on the Road in South China
Returning Home: Step by Step
Coming Full Circle
Good Night Moon, Goodnight Mom
VII. Extending the Trip: Living in China Temporarily
Making the Homeland "Home"
Six Months in China: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Living Behind the Great Wall
VIII. Home Again: Lasting Impact of the Trip
What the Children Have Taught Me
"Owning a Little Piece of China"
IX. Thoughts for Further Inquiry: What the Research Tells Us
Chinese Views on International Adoption
Searching for Origins: Parent and Child Perspectives on Return Trips to China
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